2018 El Compadre Trailride & Fiesta

May 5,2018 - Time: 9:30 am - 3:00 pm
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Los Ancianos 2018 El Compadre Trailride and Fiesta

Los Ancianos 2018 El Compadre Trailride and Fiesta (aka Ranchers’ Benefit Trailride)

Our next event is our Los Ancianos 2018 El Compadre Trailride and Fiesta (aka Ranchers’ Benefit Trailride.) This ride is for experienced single track riders only. No Beginners! 50+ miles of marked single track followed by fiesta! Barbacoa, Cerveza Tecate, and the Baja Fools Bar! Free camping.

All proceeds go to cover the cost of the ride and the rest goes directly to ranchers and residents in the areas we ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need a VALID PASSPORT or US PASSPORT CARD to get back into the US from  BAJA by Car/Truck? - t is best to have a passport, passport card, or SENTRI card in your possession to return to the USA. If you do not have one of these they will not keep you out of the country. They will accept photo ID and a certified copy of your birth certificate, but they may give you some grief and may send you to secondary inspection. Despite what has been publicized, currently it appears there is NO need to obtain an FMM (tourist visa) when crossing by vehicle at Tecate. Carry your driver’s license and your passport, passport card or birth certificate.

2. Do I need Mexican auto insurance? - Yes! Regular U.S. insurance is not recognized by the authorities in Mexico.  You can easily buy and print out a policy online from Mexican Insurance.  They are also a sponsor of Los Ancianos, so show them some support!

3. What paperwork will I need to get my bike into Mexico? - Under the current administration they will ask to see your original and current registration form, not a copy, and DO NOT offer a pink slip (to them that implies you are planning to sell it in Mexico). Without it you will be turned back home.

4. OK to bring gas into Mexico? NO - Recently people have been sent back to the US for as little as 1 gallon of US gas in a can. No problems for a full tank on your bike. Plan to buy your extra gas in Mexico. The Pemex Premium is better than in CA anyway. No ethanol.

5. When is the Trail Ride? May 5, 2018

6. Where will it start? Rancho El Compadre East of Tecate Baja California.  Enter and we will send detailed directions.

7. Is there a maximum number of entries allowed? 120. Period. No exceptions.

8. What time will it start? 9:30am. Since this is not a race race you can start later, just plan to be back in time for the fiesta and food.

9. What is the format? 50 mile marked trail ride. Mostly single track. Fun ride followed by Barbacoa, Baja Fools Bar, plenty of Cerveza Tecate. Free camping. The road to camp is NOT suitable for motorhomes.

10. How much does it cost? $85USD

11. How do I enter? Fill in the required information below. You can pay your registration fees online using PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account use the "Don't have a PayPal Account?" tab and enter any Debit/Credit Card.

12. When do I enter? Entries will be accepted beginning April 2018. Remember - 120 ENTRIES and WE ARE FULL!

13. How far does my bike have to go on a tank of gas? Approximately 50 – 55 miles.

14. Will there be gas on the trail? No.

15. Will my gas be hauled for me? No.

More Questions?

See the Los Ancianos Motorcycle Club Facebook Group for more questions and answers.

Spots Full - Registration Closed


Registration is closed for this event.
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