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Los Ancianos 2017 Tecate Enduro
Open Entries: -48
7:00 am
-4:00 pm

Los Ancianos 2017 Tecate Enduro

Dec 2,2017 - Time: 7:00 am - 4:00 pm
Noah Kepple - 2016 LAMC Tecate

Event Information

Our next event is our December Los Ancianos 2017 Tecate Enduro. $120USD.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need a VALID PASSPORT to drive back into the US from BAJA? - It’s the fastest way to get back. For USA citizens, a Passport Card will also suffice and gives access to the Northbound Ready Lane in San Ysidro and Otay. If all you have is your driver’s license and a certified copy of your birth certificate, you will get back into the country but you may be sent to Secondary Inspection.
  2. Can I bring gas in cans into Mexico? - NO, only what is in your tanks. They won't let you dump it in your truck, they will send you back to the USA. Buy it at the PEMEX on your way out of town. Better gas anyway, no ethanol.
  3. Do I need to show registration for my bike to get it into Mexico? - ABSOLUTELY! It MUST be current, valid registration. And definitely NOT a pink slip. They have been very diligent lately about it and many riders have been turned back. Make sure you have no more bikes than passengers.
  4. Do I need Mexican auto insurance? - Yes! Regular U.S. insurance is not recognized by the authorities in Mexico. You can easily buy and print out a policy online from Mexican Insurance. They are also a sponsor of Los Ancianos, so show them some support!
  5. Should I enter this event? Not if you are a Novice, weak B or C Rider, cause you will likely hour-out early on. If you are a solid and tough B rider, or above, yes. Tests will increase in difficulty with #3 being the most technical.
  6. Where will it start? Hacienda Santa Veronica Tecate, Baja California. Pre-running is prohibited.
  7. What time will it start? First key time 7:00AM 12/2/2017.
  8. What is the format? 3 Timed Test Sections of 25 (+/-) miles each (Old Guys Rule, Masters and Women do first 2 sections only). Total cumulative time for all tests is your score. Lowest score wins.

  9. What is the start format? 1 minute intervals x 4 riders on a minute.  65 lines = 280 riders max! No exceptions. You will be assigned a key time for each Test.  You can arrive early to an entrance check, but if you are late your race time has already started at your key time.  You must stay within an hour of an average speed to avoid houring out. Live engine start.
  10. How is starting order determined?  Our plan is to start everyone in groups by class, fastest classes first. Within each class starting order is determined by date of registration/entrance/signup.
  11. What classes? AA, Open A, Vet (30 and >), Sr (40and >), Super Sr (50 and >), Master (60 and >), Women, Old Guys Rule (70 and > must be a minimum of 3 to make this class otherwise you will be in Master class)
  12. Can I enter more than one class? – Nope.
  13. Is there a Trophy Team Entry option available? 4-rider teams only. Winning team has shortest combined time. All 4 must ride and successfully complete all 3 tests. Hour out = DNF.
  14. Can I request to ride on the same minute with my friends? Yep. With up to 3 other entrants (presuming you have that many friends who will ride with you). If you want to do this, PLEASE try to have all your guys enter as close in time together as possible. When entering to ride with friends, you will only be "entered" when the last person in your group registers, and you will start in the class that corresponds with the slowest class member in your group.
  15. How much does it cost? Pre-entry: $120. Post-entry (if there is room: $160).
  16. How do I enter? ALL entries will be made electronically at . Only these electronic entries will be valid. You must be prepared to pay via PayPal or with a credit card at the time of registration. Entries NOT paid within 24 hours of entry form completion will be DELETED! By that time the race will likely be full and you will NOT get a second chance.

  17. When do I enter? The website's electronic entry form will open October 4, 2017.
  18. When do entries close? Electronic entries close at 12:00AM Midnight November 20th, 2017 or when maximum rider limit (280) is met.
  19. Pros? No Pro class, but we anticipate a large ($500-1000) cash prize for 1st place overall from one of our sponsors.
  20. How many Trophies? We award one trophies for every six riders in a class.   Ex: 18 in the class, trophies to 3rd.
  21. Where will it go? Enter. Show up where we tell you to. Start on time.  Follow the orange LAMC club arrows.
  22. How long is it? Three (3) 25-mile (+/-) tests which increase in difficulty. All entrants except MSTR (60 and >), Old Guys Rule (70>) and women, ride the full course to successfully finish and receive a finisher pin. MSTR, OGR and Women ride 1st 2 tests only.

  23. How far does my bike have to go on a tank of gas? Your Motorcycle MUST be able to go 50 miles BEFORE refueling! There will still be 3 Special Tests of approximately 25 miles each. Special Test 1 will end at a remote checkpoint with NO fuel. Snacks and water will be available.
  24. Will there be gas on the trail? No.
  25. Will my gas be hauled for me? Your crew can pit at the end of Special Test 2., approximately Race mile 50 (Location to be announced at sign-up). Los Ancianos will haul your gas there if necessary.
  26. Is lunch included?  No
  27. Will the event be cancelled in the event of weather?  No.  But we would then expect less finishers and less dust.
  28. Other Questions? - email Ray Abbott and/or post your questions to the Los Ancianos Motorcycle Club Facebook Group @
  29. Where will info updates be made available?  Competitors will receive a Final Rider Instruction communication. In addition, you can check for updates on the site and at our Facebook Group Los Ancianos Motorcycle Club.

Registration Closed

We have reached our event capacity limit.


2017 Los Ancianos Tecate Enduro


Event Fees:

2017 Los Ancianos Tecate Enduro Entry $ 120.00